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PayPal – Page Not Found

PayPal - Page Not Found

I think this is a clever way of presenting the user with an explaination about why a page can’t be loaded – well it’s better than a logout or a 404 anyway.

It would be even better if the link I just clicked on from the last page would take me where I am supposed to go, but I guess that concept is outdated.

Can’t Wait for CSS3 and HTML5

I usually meet new standards with a bit of trepidation, fearing that the new standards will mess with things that are already working fine – the old “if it ain’t broke” mantra. Well, HTML4 isn’t broke, but I am really getting pumped about what HTML5 and CSS3 are going to do for the web!

I ran across these sites today, give them a look and tell me that your mind wasn’t opened to a whole new breed of websites that get interactivity without being locked into a bulky Flash interface.

CSS3 Playground
25 HTML5 Features, Tips and Techniques You Must Know

Also see HTML5 Reset to get a blank-slate stylesheet to start new web designs with.

These new standards are really bringing it, the question is, how long until Internet Explorer supports it?