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Bill and Ted Return

It’s no small thing for me to admit that I’m a rabid fan of the Bill and Ted movie franchise. I was just entering junior high when the first movie came out and it struck a power chord in my heart. These two know-nothing dudes were really relatable to me as a coming-of-age youth, and although their hero’s journey has yet to be fulfilled (barely passing high school doesn’t count, dude), the prospect of saving the world with music resonated with me. Topping it off with a future filled with sunglasses and ethereal guitar licks, this just might be a world I’d want to live in.

In other news, I’ve been learning vector art and I needed a muse. And what better muse than Bill and Ted? Excellent! Part of my efforts in really making progress includes sharing publicly, which makes me nervous (bogus), but nonetheless, here it is. Hope you find the new movie as enjoyable as I will! Well, whenever the movie gets released anyway… I’ll see it in the theater, because it. is. just. that. good.

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