Texas COVID-19 Data

LAST UPDATED 7/19/2020

This is based directly off of Texas COVID-19 Data published by the Texas Department of State Health Services. I’m sharing this because too many of the people that I’ve talked to about the pandemic haven’t had enough access to statistics that can be readily understood. While there is much more to understand, and a great deal of context, there are some simple facts we can review.

I’ve mapped total cases and total tests together to represent the rate at which people’s attention to Covid becomes personal. But you should understand that the number of tests is not normalized by person, meaning an individual case will include multiple tests.

The number of new cases is peaking.

I’ve kept this chart in because it’s very interesting that there was a sustained 50% of cases still active. It’s dropping now as we’d expect with patients either passing or recovering.

The active hospitalizations has hit a plateau.

Note: On July 15, DSHS updated Bexar County and statewide totals to remove 3,484 probable cases.

This will continue to be an interesting metric as the virus spreads throughout the population.

I’m not sure that I can read this relationship properly, but it does seem like something that should be understood.

What we might be seeing here is a 30-day delay between an increase in active hospitalizations and deaths. If true, we might be able to anticipate a similar plateau in three weeks.

Keep an eye on this daily death rate, but consider that the deaths reported may not all be caused by COVID-19 (source needed).

This is an interesting chart because of how even the rate of deaths per cases has become as it appears to bottom out.

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