Well, well, Mr. Kevin Spacey. I liked this film better than Under the Sea, but you are equally creepy in both. 21 is about card-counting Blackjack in Las Vegas. It’s a fun story about trying to beat the house the smart way – I’m always attracted to the heist movies, I guess it’s the suspense and accomplishment. The film follows students at MIT and how they deal with the pressures and successes of their hobby.
Inspired by a true story, which is amazing, you get to learn a bit about card counting and how casinos try to deal with it. Unfortunately, while a dark side is expected, the film languishes in it, with no real redemption. I guess I’m tired of seeing people blow opportunities to make a difference. Instead, the characters just use their opportunities as a tool to the next step, which doesn’t make for good movies. Kevin Spacey stars and Laurence Fishburne plays a good toughie.
I feel this film under-delivered. It could have been a lot better, but then it might not have made any money. I award it 3 stars.

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