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Audio-Technica LP to CD Converter

The real name of this product is “Audio-Technica AT-LP2DA LP-to-Digital Recording System” and I find it intimidating and overly-complicated — not far from how I feel about trying to convert LPs to CD. Isn’t technology great?

At the request of my mother and after looking at several products on the Internet, I’ve settled on the Audio-Technica as the one I’d like my mother to try using. I considered the technical specifications, software and user reviews and I think we’ve got something that will work. The final price comes in around $100, including shipping and handling.

The package includes the software, turntable and wires needed to connect it. The turntable has USB and phono RCA outputs, so you can connect it to your home stereo too. The software has features that will allow you to record the LP, clean it up by removing the pops and static, split it into the individual tracks, then record it onto a CD. It seems like the complete package.

I’ll post an update after we’ve had a change to use it a little bit. Check back after Christmas!

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