This is probably the most important movie that I have watched in the last year. That is a bold statement, and although the impact of the movie is wearing off I still think that the movie has changed the way I think on this subject.

Ben Stein returns to the screen in an info-movie about how the science “institution” is limiting the freedom of scientific discussion by discrediting scientists and researchers that attempt to tie intelligent design or creationism into science. They do a fair job of balancing both sides of the debate and cite several examples. They then explore where America may go if science completely dismisses morality (they site Poland as a country that has no problem teaching intelligent design in the classroom). The most interesting thing about the movie is not the surface arguments, but the actual reasoning and opinions behind the most vocal people.

If you care about religion and find it disconcerting that only non-religious views of science can be taught in public schools, you should watch this movie and consider carefully how you feel – it may change the way you think about it.

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