Food, Inc

Every six months or so, a movie comes out that has the capacity to actually change me. I have to admit that I have scoffed the recent push for organic foods a few times, but I won’t anymore. In fact I may even buy some, because I appreciate what they are trying to do and I want to cast my vote at the checkout scanner for the foods that are produced responsibly and sustainably.

Anyway, enough of the rhetoric. No matter what foods you like, you should see this movie, gather some information and then make a decision about your life and your food, because it does matter.

1 thought on “Food, Inc

  1. I have not seen this movie yet but have a brother that is a very strict vegan and I have read the “Kind diet” by Alicia Silverstone about flirting with being vegan. Its an excellent book and educated me about eating more pure foods and those that are in season etc etc.I have studied a lot about health, food, body and what these animals go through- anyway I have been shopping at Good Earth and try to buy as much as my food there as possible – I make a lot of food from scratch – no hydrogenated oils in this house- Unfortunately the more we become aware the more we become responsible for ours choices. So we cut ourselves some slack from time to time and just try to do the best we can for that particular day. Every bit helps! They say that knowledge is power but really its APPLIED knowledge that truly is powerful! Good luck on this new awareness!

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