Fun with Dick and Jane

Who doesn’t like Jim Carrey? Even in this traditional comedy he shines. In this remake of the 1977 original with George Segal, Jane Fonda and Ed McMahon, Carrey and T’ea Leoni star as a couple who struggle with a layoff in the midst of an Enron-like scandal. My wife and I laughed out loud and often during this witty comedy that features memorable stunts like sod-stealing in a cemetery, Botox testing and a clever bank heist. Carrey’s physical comedy fills in the gaps of this movie to keep it fast paced and enjoyable. My new favorite bad guy Alec Baldwin, who seems to manage crazy bad better than evil bad, also makes an appearance as the guy that you hate, but kind of want to be anyway.

Now getting to my rating, all this funniness aside, and even accepting that the story is based on a more conservative 1977 scenario, I have a hard time endorsing a film that promotes theft. Despite the tidy wrap up, Dick and Jane Harper have collected several felonies and terrorized their community. Now I sound all prudish, but my point stands: we should not glamorize illegal and immoral behavior, especially when the characters make no penance whatsoever! I step off my soapbox now and award this show 4 stars minus one half for being naughty = 3.5 stars.

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