In the Name of the King

This movie had potential that it ultimately squandered long before the film hit the cutting room floor. John Rhys-Davies, Burt Reynolds, Matthew Lillard (one of my favorites since Scooby-Doo) and Ron Perlman join forces with Jason Statham to make what was probably dubbed “the next Lord of the Rings”, which dubbing is a duping. When you see bigger names you expect bigger films and exceeding expectations is what great movie rentals are all about. I rated this film as a 2 because it wasn’t even average.

I played the computer game Dungeon Siege some seven years ago and this film is supposed to be its cinematic fulfillment. The writing was poor, the editing was sophomoric, most of the actors’ deliveries were off, as if they hadn’t yet been told who they were playing. Some of the cinematography was great, however and the special effects were done well. Decidedly I was looking for mistakes and they were plentiful, continuity, angles and direction were off from time to time, which is distracting. I blame the Doug and Chris Taylor for not ensuring that the writing was better, I think the film failed there.

I don’t recommend this unless you’re dying for a medieval hack-and-slash movie and you have seen everything else. Even still, go outside, sit in the grass and watch the sky – it may be more rewarding.

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