Kite Runner

I recommend that you only watch this move if you are emotionally ready for the wide dynamic of emotions the move will move you through.

Kite Runner is a story of a boy from Afghanistan. It is unusually harsh, but had me thinking that it was a autobiography given the detail and dynamic nature of the characters. The movie opened my eyes in a dramatic fashion that had me contemplating over it days later. I think that it is very important that we leave the bubble of our lives from time to time to see how other people live, and this film accomplishes that with power and finesse.

I rate the film as a 5 though I caution it is not a family film despite its friendly name. It is not a dirty film either, but the situations presented require mature consideration, and probably discussion. I spent at least 30 minutes afterward talking to my wife about the movie and how it made us feel. It is moving and I think we need a film like this every so often.

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