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Olive Garden

My wife and I have always loved the Olive Garden. The classic is the fettuccine Alfredo, but we often have the chicken parmigiana. Lately I’ve been ordering the steak Gorgonzola, which is a turn for me because I normally try to order something different – but when you have a winner, why move on?

The salad and bread sticks are staple. For the extravagant, order a boat of Alfredo sauce to dip the bread sticks in. The dressing on the salad is absolutely delicious. This duo is probably the tastiest and most filling free appetizer available.

Typically the servers are helpful and friendly; although the last two times we visited the one in American Fork the service for our large groups was scattered and slow. I have no complaints about the service for small groups and couples from any of the locations I’ve been to (Sandy, Provo, and American Fork).

I give Olive Garden 5 stars because they have so consistently delivered over the years.

Olive Garden

504 W 2230 N
Provo, Utah 84604

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