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Pizzeria 712

I agreed to go to the pizzeria hoping for a cross between a Pizza Hut buffet and California Pizza Kitchen. There is always a danger for me in ordering pizza from a sit-down restaurant and that is that somehow I can only get half as much as I can get delivered for the same price. Nonetheless I forged ahead, trusting in the refined senses of my friends. Although several of the five pizzas listed on the menu looked good, and several looked as though they have no meat, I ordered one with soppressata, which turns out to be a fancy pepperoni. It was delicious, and it was not as good as the one with slab bacon! The pizzas were indeed big and I was not left wanting. In fact, I found it to be the most acutely-flavored pizza I have ever eaten. Very good, 5 stars.

So this thought came to me, as I read it off a chalkboard in the restaurant: When you start with the finest ingredients, you can cook it simply because you taste what it is.

Pizzeria 712
320 S. State St. #185
Orem, Ut 84058
(801) 623-6712

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