The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This movie just hit me wrong. Written by Eric Roth, whose other credits include Forest Gump and the Horse Whisperer, I couldn’t separate the movie from The Notebook. In a deathbed confessional, a wrinkly Cate Blanchett finally shares the story of Brad Pitt’s title character. This was a poor story executed as well as possible. The dialog was slow – the whole movie was slow – the story was dirty (nudity, adultery and fornication) and generally sad and confused. Now I recognize that this movie may reflect the life experiences of some segment of America, and everyone wants to see a something good come from tragedy and trial, but nothing good comes from this tale. I just wanted to go home with my wife and hug my kids and be glad that we are comparatively normal. If that was the intent of the film, then they have succeeded with flying colors, but I would prefer to not be so disturbed next time.
I would say that the only redeeming element of this movie was a humorous segment about lightening strikes interspersed throughout the story. Notwithstanding, I award this movie 2 stars for trying hard but ultimately not delivering anything of value. Additionally, the language and sexuality pushed the limits of its PG-13 rating.

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