The Outdoor Office

My outdoor office, now in 5D! Look at how it all just pops out of the screen! I love those little alphanumeric crackers.

I once wishfully discussed working outdoors with some cubical mates and today has been so beautiful I couldn’t resist trying. There are a couple of obstacles to consider here, the first is internet, which wireless should take care of, the second is the need for enough shade to be able to see your laptop’s screen amongst the brightness of the sun (I didn’t realize how dark indoors, or worse, my usual basement home office is!) The next factor is style and/or comfort. I’m kicking it in a reclined camp chair and it’s working great!

My first option was yard shed on the side of the house. I tried to just poke my feet out to stay in the shade but still get the sun and the outdoors. This was perfect except that the metal shed basically formed a Faraday cage that made getting on the internet impossible. +5 view, +0 internet, +8 screen contrast, +3 hidden from kids

The next option was under my cherry tree in the corner of the yard. It’s already given 2 hours of great shade and I’m loving it! I’ll go back to the shed if it rains, but I’ll have to run some cat5. +8 view, +10 internet, +7 screen contrast, +6 hidden from kids

Man, I need to mow the lawn now.

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