How cool is this? I’ll admit that I spent more time watching the cartoon and staring at toy catalogs in the 80s than I did sleeping, but seriously? How cool is this? Fast forward 20 years and you’ll see me trying to convince my wife to see it in the theater with me – no go. Michael Bay tackles this enormous project – probably only overshadowed more by the Star Wars prequels in terms of attempting to hit expectations – and pulls it off. Shia LeBeouf plays Sam and a bunch of other people play people I don’t remember from the cartoon and wait… hey! Where’s Prowl and Soundwave? Why isn’t Bumblebee a VW Bug? OK, so some “artistic freedom” has been taken with the story and characters. I’m quite interested to see the sequel, mostly to see if they will make an attempt to tie it back in with the cartoon (the die-hards among us know the story).

What we do see is some of the fastest and most sophisticated computer animated ever shown anywhere. So many things happened at the same time that the “wow” factor was just off the charts! I think that I’ll need to watch it a few more times just so that I can understand everything that was happening – in fact, due to the complexity of each of the transformers, I was never really sure which one I was looking at. Despite this, and probably more because of the additions to the story, my wife enjoyed the movie. I award it 4 stars for coolness.

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